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by Linda McLeod May 03, 2018   The TTAB sustained ( House of Wine LLC’s ("Petitioner") petition to cancel (Cancellation No. 92058885) Hidden Wineries Inc.’s ("Registrant") registration for the mark THANK YOU for wines in Class 33 on the grounds of void ab initio and abandonment. Registrant has filed an appeal to the U.S. Distric  ...Read More

TTAB ON APPEAL: The Fight Over TAI-CHI for Tea Before the Federal Circuit

by Linda McLeod Apr 27, 2018   Zheng Cai (“Registrant”) filed a notice of appeal ( before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (“Federal Circuit”) on March 12, 2018 (Case No. 2018-1688), seeking review of the Board’s final decision in Diamond Hong, Inc. v. Zheng Cai DBA Tai Chi Green Tea Inc. (Cancellation No. 92062714  ...Read More

Profiles In Trademarks: For One Slogan, There’s More To The Picture Than Meets The Eye

by Rob Litowitz Mar 06, 2018   "All the sailors with their seasick mamas, hear the sirens on the shore." "For The Turnstiles," music and lyrics by Neil Young. Many songs are laden with "hooks," musical barbs that implant themselves indelibly in the cultural consciousness, like Eric Clapton’s searing guitar riff in "Layla." But how many hooks are tied to a trademark? I can think of one. Neil Young’s   ...Read More