Kelly IP Makes Impressive Debut in World Trademark Review 1000


We are proud to announce that Kelly IP, LLP, after only eight months since its launch, has been recognized as a leading trademark law firm and four of its attorneys have been individually ranked by the well-respected publication World Trademark Review 1000 (WTR 1000).

The WTR 1000 specifically called out the national significance of the new law firm, stating that The formation of brands-focused boutique Kelly IP was one of the US trademark scene’s most talked-about events of 2013.” It also commended Kelly IP as a firm that “delivers a flexible, sophisticated service across all facets of trademark law.”

Kelly IP was recognized as a leading firm for 2014 in the Washington, DC area in two major categories—enforcement and litigation, and prosecution and strategy. 

Demonstrating the high-caliber and significant expertise that defines Kelly IP, four of our lawyers were also individually recognized in the WTR 1000:

  • Dave Kelly was named one of the top 25 lawyers nationally for enforcement and litigation. He was recognized as a “trailblazing partner” and “a stand-out practitioner who can turn his hand to any challenge.”  Dave was one of only seven “Gold” status lawyers for enforcement and litigation in the Washington, DC area, and was also singled out as a “Silver” status lawyer for prosecution and strategy.

  • Rob Litowitz was recommended as an “esteemed and seasoned litigator” and “a great person to have on side” for contentious matters.  Rob was singled out as a “Silver” status lawyer for enforcement and litigation in the Washington, DC area. 
  • Linda McLeod was recognized as “intelligent, judicious and well-respected” and the WTR 1000 stated that her “experience as both an examining attorney and a Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) administrative judge at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has given her a scarcely rivalled insight into prosecution proceedings.”  Linda achieved “Gold” status in both enforcement and litigation and for prosecution and strategy in the Washington, DC area.  Linda was the only woman to receive “Gold” status in both categories. 
  • Lynn Jordan was recommended for prosecution and strategy.  Lynn was described as “pragmatic and commercially minded” and is “admired for her registration, clearance and portfolio management acumen, particularly in the entertainment sector.”  Lynn was named a “Bronze” status lawyer for prosecution and strategy in the Washington, DC area.

WTR 1000 is dedicated to identifying the world's leading trademark legal services providers and practitioners. Through an extensive research process conducted by a team of highly qualified, full-time analysts that interview and communicate with numerous lawyers and their clients, the publication identifies the leading trademark law firms and lawyers in more than 60 key jurisdictions globally.

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