"Trademark Confusion: Proving or Defending Against Infringement" - webinar


1:00 - 2:30 EDT

Rob Litowitz will participate in a webinar about the different types of confusion.

Virtually all trademark owners and their counsel wrestle with the challenging issue of likelihood of confusion. Understanding the different types of trademark confusion is counsel's first step in avoiding the pitfalls in pursuing or defending against trademark infringement claims.

Forward, reverse, initial interest, post-sale and affiliation confusion are the five main types that counsel needs to understand and identify. Actual confusion is not required to recover monetary damages, but it raises the bar for mark owners and counsel to demonstrate injury.

Intelligence from experienced trademark counsel can prepare practitioners to guide clients in monitoring their marks and recognizing and proving trademark confusion when it arises.

Listen as our authoritative panel of trademark attorneys examines the many types of trademark confusion, the challenges of each type and the recent court treatment of the different types. The panel will offer best practices for applying the likelihood of confusion standard.

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