Law 360 Recognizes Kelly IP as an Influential Boutique Law Firm

Jul 08, 2015

Law 360 published an article on the country’s top boutique law firms across all practice areas and how they “are capable of competing with—and beating—the best big firms at the highest level.”  Law 360 identified Kelly IP among the country’s top boutique firms “that have established brands on par with the biggest firms.”  Law 360 identified 10 boutique firms in the article, including several IP firms, but Kelly IP is the only trademark and copyright boutique.  Kelly IP is also the “youngest” firm to make the list.

According to Law 360,  “[t]he [Kelly IP] founders’ reputations as big players at a big firm allowed the new boutique to become an instant power.”  Dan Binstock, a well-known recruiter at Garrison & Sisson Inc. interviewed for the article, commented that Kelly IP has “partners that used to be leaders at big firms who intentionally made the jump when they didn’t have to make the jump” and that boutique firms with this makeup “tend to be the most threatening” to big firms.

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