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Our creative, persuasive, and competitive minds protect and represent the world’s most instantly identifiable marks — and brand owners with dreams of having one.

Ranked among the world’s most preeminent trademark IP attorneys. 

What our clients have to say about us:

“Despite coming into existence just a few years ago, Kelly IP has already cemented its position as one of the pre-eminent names in the trademark world.”

“[The Kelly IP] founders’ reputations as big players at a big firm allowed the new boutique to become an instant power.”

“What makes its group of all-stars super-competitive is that you receive a world-class service at a significantly reduced rate – you get so much for your money.”

[Kelly IP has an] established brand on par with the biggest firms.

“[E]lite boutique Kelly IP has a lot going for it, including a collaborative team of service-minded lawyers, vast experience on all aspects of brand business, highly professional paralegals and a combination of lower rates and more flexibility than bigger outfits. Unsurprisingly, it garners superlative feedback from diverse stakeholders in the IP market.”

“Kelly IP never disappoints. It is more streamlined than big law firms and works efficiently as a team. Although compact, it has tremendous resources including UDRP specialists and amazing paralegals. It also represents exceptional value for money.”

The “[Kelly IP] team [has]… a combined track record so extensive that they have seen almost every conceivable type of issue and can advise their clients accordingly.”

Kelly IP is that unique type of firm that provides ‘Big Firm’ expertise and services, but operates as a personal, client-first boutique.

“[Kelly IP] is the place to go for big-ticket disputes.”

“Every single one of its lawyers is really incredible.”

“An amazing firm that does impeccable work at a fraction of the cost that you would expect given its quality.”

“[Kelly IP’s] high quality work inspires confidence time after time”

Kelly IP is a top-shelf trademark counseling and litigation practice.

Play to your strengths. We founded Kelly IP in 2013 with professionals who spent many years practicing trademark law at one of the world’s most decorated and respected IP law firms. Recognizing trademark and copyright as more specialized fields of IP, our founders decided to develop a practice focused squarely on those areas, which requires creative thinking matched by a pragmatic ability to assess problems and understand the meaning of words, images, and symbols.

Guided by our persuasive, compelling way of articulating our clients’ vision and goals, we have cleared, prosecuted, registered and enforced thousands of marks. Our team of attorneys and litigators — each with their own specialized trademark talent — has successfully persuaded judge and jury as first-chair litigators in hundreds of federal court cases involving every imaginable issue. Over the years, we have filed and litigated cases in federal court and defended and opposed thousands of marks before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. It’s serious work, and we have a lot of fun doing it. 

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